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This program makes it possible to give your keepers a 10% discount on all GK Gear while you receive 20% in gear credit on all purchases generated by your code. It's simple to set up and use with these easy steps.

1)Send an email to our code Manager at to tell us a bit about your Soccer club or business.

2)Register on our online Store so we have your contact information for setting up your code.

3)After we review your information we will set up a code and email it to you (usually takes between 24-48 hours)

4)Once you receive your code you are all set and can give the code to your keepers saving them 10% on all purchases. 

5)You will also receive a code that will keep track of your credit that can be used towards purchasing gear either to resell or use for yourself or your club. (credit amount is added at the end of each month to your account)