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Where it All Started!

Posted on August 26 2020

Where it All Started!

     Over 9 years ago I started HPG while playing in San Jose.  The reason being is I was tired of seeing youth goalkeepers over paying for average gloves.  I wanted to offer top quality gloves just like the pros wear at affordable prices.  I think back to when I was a kid and had to save up my allowance to buy a pair of $45 gloves.  That was expensive back then.   With the ever increasing prices and the quantity of gloves a goalkeeper goes through in a year, I wanted to give all goalkeepers a quality alternative to the name brand companies.  So HPG was born.  The first 6 months was dedicated to designing, developing and testing each product.  I want each and every product in our line to be pro-tested and pro-built before I put my stamp of approval on it.  So almost a decade later HPG is still here offering top quality gloves at affordable pricing.  

Have you joined the HPG glove family yet?