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Posted on April 04 2021


Name: Tim Trilk

Hometown: Rockford, IL

Present Team: Chattanooga Red Wolves 


At what age did you start playing soccer? 5 years old


At what age did you become a GK? - I started out as playing in the field and as a GK when I was very young, and when I got to HS is when I decided to be a GK 


What is your favorite soccer memory? - After starting my senior collegiate season 0-11, going on a winning streak through conference and winning the conference title on the road against #20 Oral Roberts University.  


Who is your favorite GK to watch/emulate? - Iker Casillas 


What is your favorite HPG glove and why? - The JBG Pro.  The comfort and clean look of the all white are next level! 


Why did you join the HPG glove family? - I joined the HPG family to connect with all the other great goalkeepers out there who are either living their dreams or chasing them between the sticks.  


One piece of advice you would give a young Gk wanting to become a pro? - Enjoy the game.  Too many young keepers worry about who is watching them, and how they’re performing, or what others think of them.  When you’re relaxed and enjoying the journey of it all is when you will perform your best.