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Posted on June 11 2021


Name:  Samantha Leshnak Murphy

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Present Team: NWSL NC Courage


At what age did you start playing soccer? started playing at 4 years old


At what age did you become a GK? Started playing GK 12yrs; split GK and FWD time until 16yrs..Full time gk at 16yrs/sophomore HS


What is your favorite soccer memory? Favorite soccer memory… saving 2pks in NCAA Elite 8 stage vs UCLA. Won the game, took us to final 4 and onto the National Championship in 2018.


Who is your favorite GK to watch/emulate?  I regularly watch Ederson, Man City FC. Love to watch Manuel Neuer, FC Bayern Munich. And Kasper Schmeichel, Leicester City FC. 


What is your favorite HPG glove and why? I really love the Green and Black negative cut gloves. I like the thickness and the confidence in any weather I have with them. Close favorite behind them are the Black camouflage negative cut gloves. I enjoy the fresh stickiness and tight fit of the gloves. Not to mention the camo is a great touch. 


Why did you join the HPG glove family?   Because Jon is worth the investment. It’s important I endorse who I support. I fully endorse Jon. There are many places to get gloves- only HPG I know my support for Jon highlights his expertise as a trainer and HPG brand. My values and principles align with his- hard work, appreciation, integrity and service. 


One piece of advice you would give a young Gk wanting to become a pro? I’d say to a young GK, wanting to become a Pro… when you sign a contract, that is not the day you automatically become a pro. On paper, yes. But pros are made through your daily routine and vision. If you think about being a pro, watch pro games, and are daily making yourself better….you are putting in the work. If not, you don’t realize there’s a system you need to tap into. You’ll make it if no one outworks you. You’ll make it if you believe you’ll be a pro.