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Posted on August 23 2021


Name: Mike Novotny

Hometown: St. Charles, IL

Present Team: Chicago House AC


At what age did you start playing soccer? Ever since I could remember I have been playing soccer. I think I was around 5 when I was first kicking the ball around. 


At what age did you become a GK? Really early in my soccer career I transitioned into the goalkeeping position. Around the age of 7-8 I went to my brother's gk session and hopped in for the first time and the rest is history after that. 


What is your favorite soccer memory? My favorite soccer memory would have to be my debut against Pittsburgh Riverhounds last year when I was with Hartford Athletic. Our starting GK got a red card about 65 minutes in and we had to hold on to our 1-0 lead against the conference leaders. After a long 25 minutes of getting peppered with shots and crosses we came away with the win. We moved into first place in the eastern conference after that game. 


Who is your favorite GK to watch/emulate? I really like to watch Kasper Schmeichel. He is a great leader on the field and unbelievable shot stopper. 


What is your favorite HPG glove and why? I am a big fan of the JBG Pro Gloves. I love the color, the cut and the comfort.


Why did you join the HPG glove family? I wore HPG gloves a couple times before. I joined the HPG family my first year as a professional in 2019. Amazing people, amazing support and amazing gloves. Can't ask for much more than that.


One piece of advice you would give a young Gk wanting to become a pro? There will be times in your career when you will be told "no" or you are not good enough. Use that as motivation when you step on the field. Prove those coaches and people wrong. All you need is one team, one coach to give you that chance and believe in you.